Welcome to Proxisense

Proxisense is a multi-technology and multi-market start-up company developing novel sensor products

Process Analytical Technology

Modern manufacturing can benefit from the three cornerstones of Industry 4.0 – computer control and connectivity, data analytics and smart sensors. Proxisense is developing smart sensor technologies that provide unique information for process monitoring and control. Our initial target market is in primary pharmaceutical manufacturing, but Process Analytical Technology (PAT) can be applied in many manufacturing industries – from foods to FMCG and oil to environmental monitoring.

Engine Monitoring and Aerospace Engineering

Proxisense’s core technologies are proven solutions for engine air and oil condition monitoring. With high ruggedness and tolerance for extended use in harsh environments our probes offer unique and continuous sensing capabilities. Applications include monitoring of coolant quality, quantification of metal debris in oils, fuels and oil contamination and high frequency temperature and pressure measurement.

With partners in aviation and both military and civilian applications, the company has developed and validated mid-TRL probes for the next generation of turbofan jets and for improving the serviceability of high-performance engines.

Medical Diagnostics

Following successful ex vivo testing of a novel sensor for assessing skin lesions Proxisense has progressed to in vivo evaluation through a major NHS clinical trial. The trial will assess whether the excellent sensitivity and selectivity demonstrated on excised tissue can be repeated in a large study of live patients. A successful trial could lead to a rapid screening tool enabling precise screening at a GP clinic – a potential life-saving technology.