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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new PrOXisense website featuring in-depth information about our key technologies, products, and their applications, and makes navigation simple for users. The site will also be a new vehicle to deliver insights, technical information, papers and research.

Since our launch in 2016, we have been developing and producing monitoring and diagnostic systems for industries that rely on precision data in challenging environments. Our clients include major corporations in the oil and gas, energy and aerospace sectors, and our proven technologies help them with state of the art measurement and sensing, and data analytics capability.

We are now considered to be one of the leading authorities in sensing, measurement and understanding modes of failure within hostile and harsh environments, and our new website will act as a platform for future growth and to promote and explain what we do including:

Our technologies include instrumentation hardware and support for customers who need accurate measurement and analysis in high temperature and high pressure environments:

Eddy Current Sensors

Our Eddy Current Sensors are installed in gas and steam turbines worldwide and provide high resolution data in the most extreme industrial environments. These high resolution, directionally optimised eddy current sensors will continue to operate in extreme conditions while still retaining high levels of accuracy, making them ideal for use in blade tip timing and tip clearance measurement.

Thermal Product Measurement Sensors

Our Thermal Product Measurement Sensors allow non-intrusive and non-invasive measurement of composition and condition in solids, liquids and gases. We work with clients in the aviation industry to apply this technology to detect the presence of water in fuel. We are now working with clients in other industries to explore further applications including measuring the condition and contamination levels of lubricating oil.


Our advanced analytics capability allow us to understand any characteristics or behaviours in real-time. As a result we are able to recommend interventions to improve predictive and preventative maintenance, performance efficiency, reliability and availability, and avert equipment failures and maintenance downtime.


Our knowledge in the field of instrumentation has been developed by working with Oxford University and the Osney Thermo-fluids laboratory for 30+ years. This IP has been channeled to provide instrumentation expertise, measurement capability and associated problem solving technologies for organisations engaged in advanced research and development, or manufacturing in harsh environments.

Instrumentation services

The new website also details our instrumentation services including capabilities for:

Combined Integrated Sensors – including integrated proximity and pressure sensors as well as temperature sensors.

Eddy Current Sensors - used to measure proximity and vibration in many applications including Hot and Cold end Aero-Engines.

Pressure – for unsteady pressure measurement of flow speed, flow angle and total pressure at low and high frequencies in hostile environments.

Temperature - using platinum and gold thin film gauges with ceramic coating capabilities to achieve accurate measurements in high frequency unsteady and hostile environments.

Vibration/Acoustic Emissions – to measure the acoustic wavelength of a material and temperature where standard temperature instrumentation would fail.


In addition, the site now outlines our products which can be tailored depending on the application you need them for. These include:

  • Blade Tip Timing
    A robust turbine blade vibration monitoring, analysis and diagnostic system, capable of operating continuously in-service and providing data analysis and assessment in real-time.

  • Blade and seal clearance measurement
    Our eddy current-based turbine blade monitoring systems are capable of accurately measuring blade and seal clearances for use in engine development activities and health monitoring analysis, and diagnostic systems of in-service engines.

  • Bearing lubrication oil measurement
    A thermal product sensor to accurately measure the condition of oil. It is able to detect minute levels of contamination and debris including water metallic particulates (both ferrous and non-ferrous) and non-metallic particulates (such as ceramics).

  • Fuel contamination measurement
    A thermal product sensor to accurately measure minute levels of contamination, such as water, in critical fluids, such as aviation fuel.

  • Critical fluid contamination measurement
    Production lines using chemicals need near absolute certainty around purity. Our thermal product sensor can detect when the purity and composition of chemicals is starting to stray from the norm.

We hope you find our new website informative and simple to navigate. For further information on PrOXisense and how the above may benefit your organisation, please email or call +44 1865 238 081.

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